How to Get Here

Whether you will be traveling by boat, plane, train, or automobile you will have no problem getting to Mason County, West Virginia!

For more specific Mason County travel information, please contact the Mason County Convention and Visitors Bureau
at (304) 675-6788 or email us at

Map of West Virginia

(Mason County is highlighted in red)

Map of Mason County

By automobile

Mason County boasts an excellent system of roadways. U.S. Route 35, which connects the midwestern United States with the Southeast is the major thoroughfare in Mason County. West Virginia Routes 2, 62, 87, and 331 also connect our cities and towns throughout the county.

Here are some average driving distances and estimated times of travel to Point Pleasant from various locations in the region: 

Atlanta, GA: 530 miles/8.5 hours
Chicago, IL: 437 miles/7.5 hours
Cincinnati, OH: 156 miles/3 hours
Charleston, WV: 56 miles/1.25 hours
Charlotte, NC: 320 miles/5.25 hours
Cleveland, OH: 235 miles/4 hours
Columbus, OH: 109 miles/2 hours                                           
Dayton, OH: 140 miles/2.5 hours
Detroit, MI: 302 miles/5.5 hours
Huntington, WV: 46 miles/1 hour
Indianapolis, IN: 258 miles/4.5 hours                                                  
Jackson, OH: 35 miles/42 minutes
Lexington, KY: 172 miles/3 hours
Morgantown, WV: 166 miles/3 hours
New York City: 541 miles/9.25 hours
Parkersburg, WV: 50 miles/1 hour
Philadelphia, PA: 480 miles/8 hours
Pittsburgh, PA: 220 miles/3.75 hours
Richmond, VA: 371 miles/6 hours
Washington, DC: 373 miles/6.5 hours
Wheeling, WV: 162 miles/2.75 hours
Williamsburg, VA: 423 miles/7 hours

By plane

The Point Pleasant-Mason County Airport, located four miles north of the City of Point Pleasant, is a public facility that is able to accommodate light aircraft. The three nearest commerical airports serving Mason County are
Charleston's Yeager Regional Airport (CRW), Huntington's Tri-State Airport (HTS), and Parkersburg's Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport (PKB). The nearest international airport is Port Columbus International (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio - an easy two hour drive from Point Pleasant!

By train

The nearest
AmTrak stations are located in Huntington, WV (HUN) and Charleston, WV (CHW).

By boat

Several companies, including the Great American Steamboat Company, American Queen,
organize dockings at Point Pleasant each summer and fall.